VIC conducted awareness raising in Kamchay Mea

On July 25, 2019 VIC conducted an awareness raising on disability rights and Community Based Rehabilitation Services (CBR) at Krabao commune, Kamchay Mear district, Prey Veng province with participation of 203 (F:89) people including local authorities from district, commune and village levels, persons with disabilities, villagers, teachers and students in the event. During the event, 3 posters and 400 leaflets were distributed while a recorded cassette is on play on disability rights.

By: vic July 25, 2019


Persons with disabilities and their families have capacity to lead active and fulfilling lives


To support persons with disabilities in Cambodia, especially vulnerable people in society and to empower them to build better lives for themselves and their families through Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR).


Integrity, Humanity, Quality, Equity, Independence and Partnership