DPO Kratie organized a Disability Forum in KT

In June 25 2019, the DPO Svay Chras in Kratie in collaboration with VIC and funded by USAID, organized a Disability Forum and include disability into Commune Investment Program (CIP) in Soub commune council Kratie province with participation of local authorities and targeted commune councils and stakeholders. There were 69 (F:18) participants in the forum. The forum aimed to find out the concerns and problems of persons with disabilities and include into the Commune Investment Program (CIP) as part to sustain disability issue. Two main needs of persons with disabilities were identified and prioritized to include into CIP.

By: vic June 27, 2019


Persons with disabilities and their families have capacity to lead active and fulfilling lives


To support persons with disabilities in Cambodia, especially vulnerable people in society and to empower them to build better lives for themselves and their families through Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR).


Integrity, Humanity, Quality, Equity, Independence and Partnership